Sewer Authority

Under the Pennsylvania Municipality Authorities Acts of 1935 and 1945, municipalities are authorized to create an “authority” to finance working capital to acquire, hold, construct, finance, improve, maintain, operate, own or lease projects that will benefit the residents of the Commonwealth. 

The Roaring Brook Township Sewer Authority was created by the Board of Supervisors back in 196?. As an authority, under the Municipal Authorities Act, the Sewer Authority operates independently of the Roaring Brook Township Supervisors. There is no tax money involved in its operation. All income is derived by billing the people who use the services. As a result, anyone not connected to the service does not pay toward it. This is known as “user pays” and is why taxes cannot be used to help offset the cost of sewer installation. 

The Sewer Authority Board plans, constructs, and funds projects that provide municipal sewer service to the township. When the cost of a project is finally, determined, the Authority borrows the money from PennVest and other commercial lenders. The loans are paid off through the fees – charging the customers only what it costs to operate the service. The Roaring Brook Township Sewer Authority Board maintains and operates the entire sanitary sewer system, including five pump stations and collection sewers. 

The authority is made up of five members who are appointed by the Roaring Brook Township Board of Supervisors to a five-year term.


Name Title
Carmon Flynn Chair
Chrisophter Dunleavy Vice Chair
Jeffrey Heuster Treasurer
Josph Filipkowski Secretary
Joseph Dunda Member
Alfred Weinschenk Solicitor