Earned Income Tax

Earned Income Tax In accordance with the Local Tax Enabling Act, Roaring Brook Township collects ½ of 1% of your earned income. North Pocono School District collects the other ½ of 1/% of your earned income. Your tax is deducted from your wages and submitted to Berkheimer Associates. Berkheimer Associates is the earned income tax collector for Lackawanna County. Both taxes collected and annual tax returns are filed with Berkheimer.

When starting a new job your employer will have you complete a Certificate of Residency. You will have to provide the following : your name (John Doe), street address (NO PO Boxes), Social Security Number, daytime phone number, county (Lackawanna) , municipality (Roaring Brook Township), Political Subdivision Code for Roaring Brook is 350607, and total resident EIT rate (1%).

How to contact Berkheimer Associates 
By phone 866-701-7206
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