Planning a New Driveway?

Are you planning a new driveway this year?

Each year we receive many calls concerning when and if a driveway permit is required. If you are just having your driveway sealed by either having a coating brushed on or sprayed on, permits are not required. Permits are required if you are planning a new driveway or plan on having your existing driveway repaved with a new layer of blacktop. Roaring Brook Township requires permits to ensure that all driveways safely provide access to and from the roadways and that any drainage issues that may be present are corrected before a driveway is resurfaced. There are many types of blacktop that can be used to pave your driveway. Make sure you compare all of your price quotes and make sure the products are the same from each vendor. Ask to see some recent jobs to make sure you are happy with the vendors’ work.

Last year we had several calls to our municipal building concerning paving contractors approaching homeowners saying, we just finished a driveway nearby and they have extra blacktop leftover. Homeowners should not fall for this! With the cost of blacktop, contractors don’t order that much “extra blacktop”. Blacktop needs to be a certain temperature to achieve compaction and to ensure a quality job.

Permit applications are available at the municipal building and also on our website. Please call the night before or first thing in the morning the day the work is to be done, so your driveway can be inspected while the work is being done to ensure compliance. Just a note: Any time a contractor has vehicles parked on or in the right of way, work zones signs shall be placed accordingly.

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