Scranton Commuter Tax

Scranton Commuter Tax Roaring Brook Township is not declaring war on the City of Scranton and we do not condone a boycott of city merchants as some have suggested.

It is hard to imagine, under Pennsylvania law, that our residents working in Scranton could have their wages confiscated at the rate of .75% to pay for contractual obligations to employees of the city of Scranton. PA law limits the rate of local earned income tax paid by our residents at .5% to Roaring Brook Township and .5% to North Pocono School District. Our residents working in the city have no representation in the decisions made by city officials and receive no benefit from the Scranton pension fund their wages are pledged to.

The organization STOP Scranton Taxing Our People is mounting a court challenge of the city’s outrageous action. This will require donations. The group is asking each worker in the city of Scranton, living outside the city to contribute $10.00. Time is of the essence as the city has their legislation on the fast track to start deductions from your paycheck on October 1st .

If you choose to contribute, your checks can be made out to STOP Scranton and mailed to 739 Penn Ave. Mayfield PA 18433. These funds will be used for legal expenses.

At the September 4 th meeting of the Roaring Brook Township Board of Supervisors, the board unanimously voted to contribute $200.00 to the cause to protect the wages of our citizens affected, from this financial assault.