Pennsylvania State law requires that a board of supervisors shall govern all townships, and the boards of supervisors shall consist of three elected members.

Each supervisor serves for a term of six years from the first Monday of January after the election. Supervisors must reside in the township from which they are elected and shall have resided in that township continuously for at least one year before their election.

Two additional Supervisors may be elected upon petition of at least five percent of the electors of the Township or under a resolution of the board of supervisors and upon approval of a majority of those electors voting at the next municipal or general election.

Duties of township supervisors

  • Be charged with the general governance of the township and the execution of legislative, executive and administrative powers in order to ensure sound fiscal management and to secure the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of the township.
  • Have the responsibility for maintenance of township-owned equipment and facilities.
  • Employ persons that may be necessary for the general conduct of the business of the township and provide for the compensation, organization and supervision of the persons so employed.
  • Authorize attendance at conferences, institutes, schools and conventions.
  • Annually, on or before the first day of February, furnish to the board of auditor's information on the construction of roads or other matters that may be required by any other department of the Commonwealth to be included in the township report.
  • Provide the annual tax duplicate to be prepared and presented to the tax collector.
  • Perform duties and exercise powers as may be imposed or conferred by law or the rules and regulations of any agency of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Compensation of Supervisors

For townships with populations up to 4,999 is $1,875.00 annually, and is payable monthly or quarterly.

Board Members

Name Title
Anthony Jordan Chairperson
Eric Schield Vice Chairperson
Robert Farischon Secretary / Treasurer

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Attorney Joseph A. O'Brien Twp Solicitor
Paul Kozik Zoning & Sewerage Enforcement Officer
Dale Baird Office Manager
Karen Gabello Office Assistant
Carol A. Cola Office Assistant
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