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Roaring Brook Township was formed on May 24, 1971, out of parts of Jefferson and Madison townships, and a section of Dunmore Borough. It was named for the turbulent brook that ran through it.
The Roaring Brook stream is the largest tributary of the Lackawanna River and contains vital drinking water resources for the Lackawanna Valley. From its wetland sources in the Freytown Marshes it flows west for 18.0 miles through the Moosic Mountain at Cobb’s Gap to its confluence with the Lackawanna River in Scranton.

Roaring Brook Township is located in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, in a direct line, about one hundred thirty-eight miles northwest of New York City.

The earliest history of Roaring Brook Township is so interwoven with that of Elmhurst, that, to present a comprehensive picture of one, material must be largely drawn upon from the other.

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